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Gift basket (5x70 g)

Perfect for a healthy present. Five jars of nut butter (5x70 g).


Produkt niedostępny


Perfect for a healthy present.

The pack includes five jars of nut butter (5X70g); crunchy peanut butter. peanut butter with shredded coconut, cashew nut butter, coffee-vanilla nut butter, and Nuturella nut butter. Everything is packed in a pine-wood basket filled out with wood shavings.

Net weight: 5x70 g = 350 g

Crunchy peanut butter with nut chunks

Ingredients: roasted peanuts (100%),

Peanut butter with shredded coconut

Ingredients: roasted peanuts (85%), shredded coconut (15%).

Cashew nut butter

Ingredients: roasted cashew nuts (100%).

Coffee-vanilla nut spread

Ingredients: roasted peanuts, coconut sugar, ground roasted coffee (3%), powdered vanilla (0.5%), vanilla flavour.

Nuturella nut spread

Ingredients: roasted hazelnuts (90%), carob (6%), coconut sugar (4%).

May contain other nuts and sesame.

Data sheet

  • Nutritional value: 100 g

  • Energy value: 2504 kJ / 594 kcal

  • Protein: 20,2 g

  • Carbohydrates (including sugars): 16,5 g (8,2 g)

  • Fat (including saturated fatty acids): 48,1 g (7,8 g)

  • Fibre: 7,2 g

  • Salt: 0,02 g


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