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Hazelnut spread with carob


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Who doesn't love sweet chocolate spreads? There's no such person! Unfortunately, most spreads available on the market are made mainly of sugar, palm oil, and a small addition of nuts. Which is why we focus on the nuts!

Our spread is made of 90% hazelnuts! Additionally, we've substituted cocoa with non-allergenic carob, which has a mild caramel flavour and is rich in minerals like calcium and potassium. The third key ingredient in Nuturella is coconut sugar, which enhances the sweetness of the product and which has a glycemic index which is almost twice as low as traditional sugar.

Hazelnut spread with carob is great as a breakfast spread on toast, or as an addition to fruit, ice-cream, cakes and other desserts.

Ingredients: Roasted hazelnuts (90%), carob (6%), organic coconut sugar.
May contain peanuts, other nuts and sesame.

Net weight: 190 g

Data sheet

  • Nutritional value: 100 g

  • Energy value: 2700 kJ / 645 kcal

  • Protein: 13,7 g

  • Carbohydrates (including sugars): 14,7 g (9,8 g)

  • Fat (including saturated fatty acids): 56,7 g (4,1 g)

  • Salt: 0,01 g

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