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Hazelnut butter



This nut butter is made from carefully selected, ground hazelnuts, without additives, and has a characteristic aroma and natural nutty flavour.

It is intended mainly for those who love the inimitable flavour of hazelnuts.

Hazelnuts, the fruit of the hazel tree, like other nuts are rich sources of nutrients.  Nut butters made with them have high levels of vitamin E (known as "the fertility vitamin"), vitamins from the B group, and potassium (which regulates blood pressure), as well as other elements and compounds which are necessary for the proper function of the body.

Hazelnut butter has a consistency which makes it perfect for spreading on bread but can also be used as a base for many desserts or main dishes.

Does not contain added salt, sugar or palm oil.

Ingredients: roasted hazelnuts (100%),
May contain other nuts and sesame.

Net weight: 250 g

Data sheet

  • Nutritional value: 100 g

  • Energy value: 2788 kJ / 666 kcal

  • Protein: 14,4 g

  • Carbohydrates (including sugars): 6 g (3,7 g)

  • Fat (including saturated fatty acids): 63 g (4,5 g)

  • Fibre: 8,9 g

  • Salt: < 0,01 g

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