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Tapioka granulki


Produkt niedostępny


Mother nature has bestowed on a man who have countless nutritional values on the proper functioning of the human system. Translation of such a plant is cassiok, from which they produce groats called tapioca. The nutritional properties of the product are particularly likely by the people of South America. Porridge is delicious, easily digestible and extremely lively. It does not contain gluten, which is why I will also test itself as part of the diet of people suffering from celiac. Discover the values of this wonderful product and turn on tapioca to make your menu!


What should I know about cassava?


Tapioca is obtained from the gift of nature known as cassava. The tubers go out for half a year, or South America. One is consumed after cooking or processed into starchy flour, which he uses for baking pies, bread and every 9alalto.  Masato Another product obtained from the plant is attike porridge.  In Poland, tapioka is known.


What nutritional values does tapioka have?


Tapioka contains many many minerals and vitamins. Thanks to this, the beneficial effect on the human body. Tapioka provides protein, fat, carbohydrates, and only fiber to the human system. Among the vitamins are thimina, vitamin B6 and folic acid. Minerals worth considering magnesium, iron, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, zinc and sodium. Especially important are the necessary fatty acids.


Tapioka an excellent product for celiac fibroirs


The product does not contain gluten, which is why it is a great proposition for people suffering from celiac disease or people intolerant to the ingredient. Emphasize the fact that tapioca compared to other gluten-free porridge is distinguished by a small protein and a significant carbohydrate content.


Delicate porridge for the stomach


The values of tapioca will be appreciated by people suffering from stomach problems. It is recommended especially for people to struggle with ulcers. Designed for patients to each other after surgery.


Tapioca eats wa in various interesting dishes. It may be possible to hand with pasta, so it will work well in rosole. Salads with the addition of tapioca are very delicious and discord.


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