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Our offer includes a wide variety of nut butters. All of our products are made without the addition of artificial additives. Many of our products, such as peanut butter without added salt, sugar or palm oil, are a great part of a healthy diet. Nutura offers healthy nut butters in many flavour varieties, so everyone can find something which perfectly suits their taste. Our offer also includes 100% natural almond butter. Nutura ensures the highest quality of its products. All of our nut butters have an unmatchable flavour, meaning that they can be eaten as is, alone, or as an addition to dishes and desserts. Have a look at our offer.

Nutura recommends the best quality peanut butter to customers who demand 100% peanuts, giving the butter a mouth watering flavour. And for those who want something interesting with their peanuts, why not try peanut butter with shredded coconut? Another good source of healthy fats is almond butter; our shop offers product made form unblanched, roasted almonds which, thanks to their content of calcium, zinc, magnesium, and potassium, are a healthy high-energy snack.

Our shop offers natural products including almond butter and hazelnut butter made from 100% natural ingredients.